Vision Resume

Date: 2004


Vision Resume provided an interactive resume website to job seekers and a management portal to college career centers.


Students and creative professionals need to demonstrate their experience in the form of a portfolio of work, with images, documents, and videos. A standard resume did not allow for the inclusion of these additional pieces of information.

College Career Centers need to help students cultivate a resume over several months or years, providing guidance along the way. They also need a way to search student talent and provide that information to inquiring employers.


Students and creative professionals used an online tool to assemble their interactive resume portfolio, select design templates, and upload multimedia into an attractive resume website.

College Career Centers could purchase a subscription for their entire student population to build interactive resume portfolios while career counselors monitored, reviewed, and distributed to employers from a centralized online interface.

Back Story:

Vision Resume was conceived and built while at school at the University of Kentucky to solve a problem that my team identified. As students, we developed the fully functional product and a business plan that we presented at a national undergraduate business plan competition. We were the first team to ever represent UK at a national business plan competition.

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