Date: 2009 – 2013


Ucloser is a large flexible platform that provides real estate agents, brokers, mortgage lenders, title companies a way to collaborate and provide better service to buyers and sellers. Each user can operate from a mobile website or web browser, engaging with an interactive work flow that dramatically reduces paper-based processes and communication redundancies.


Coordinating a real estate transaction is a complex and cumbersome process that involves multiple service providers working in sync to get a buyer or seller through a transaction. All of the systems available on the market either provide a back office solution or a consumer facing marketing tool. Connecting the consumer, their agent, and other service providers is a complex task that requires sharing of data, documents, electronic signatures, and structured communication.


The Ucloser platform solves problems for each stakeholder by giving the consumer an interactive Home Toolkit to serve as their communication and document storage portal before, during, and after the transaction. Agents are able to access information, request services, and communicate with their client and service providers from their mobile device. Service providers are able to collaborate with agents while servicing clients by retrieving information from their portal and delivering information and documents directly into the transaction file, even without logging into the system. This unique collaborative work flow platform is used for a variety of real estate processes and is rapidly expanding around the nation.

Back Story:

The real estate industry is known for its slow adoption of technology. The key to getting real estate agents to adopt a platform is to put it in their hands while they are on the move. Creating a fully functional mobile version of Ucloser was critical to getting agents to embrace it, promote it to their clients, and connect their service providers.