Training Management

Date: 2005


The Student Tracking Management System (STMS) was built for a national trucking company to streamline the training, lodging, background checks, and expense tracking for 1600 students across 26 training locations.


Providing free truck driving training to prospective drivers across the nation resulted in a lot of expensive hotel stays, transportation, and training for students that would drop out. This trucking company needed a way to know which students were actually completing training and make sure that they weren’t paying for lodging or other expenses for students that quit the training but didn’t check out of their free hotel room. Additionally, the process of gathering criminal background checks and drug tests was time consuming and frequently resulted in paying for training of a student that couldn’t be hired as a driver due to background issues. In short, a lot of money was being wasted on free training, with a lot of man hours spent conveying information about each candidate.


We designed and built a multi-party workflow platform that connected multiple departments within the trucking company, the lodging coordinator company, the hotel, and the training facility. Detailed cost reporting was automatically generated for every student based on their travel costs, daily lodging costs, and training costs. Each day the training center would receive an email and fax with which students should be present. If any student was missing they would indicate it within their portal. The following day the hotel would be alerted to remove the student from their hotel. Inside the trucking company, the recruiting department, criminal background department, drug testing department, and training managers would service their students through unique dashboards and permission-restricted access to student files. The accounting department would pull in student-level expenses, enabling tight control of training costs. This system has saved millions of dollars for this trucking company in direct expenses and management time.

Back Story:

We were hired by the lodging coordinator to deliver this platform for their largest client. Providing this solution allowed the lodging coordinator to lock in this important piece of business and approach other trucking companies facing similar issues.

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