Quality Control

Date: 2005


The Quality Control Quality Assurance (QAQC) web application was built for a major industrial construction company to oversee quality control during every phase and across every department throughout the construction process.


Ensuring the quality of work of thousands of subcontractors at dozens of work sites around the nation required a detailed set of processes and numerous inspections of work. Documenting the inspections, highlighting issues, and creating corrective action plans had been completed with paper binders with thousands of pages of documents. Additionally, the checklists needed to be created on the fly at company headquarters while field representatives executed the inspection checklists and generated corrective action requests to send to the relevant subcontractor. All of this needed to be completed in the field without an active internet connection.


We designed and created a unique application that worked both online and offline for management at company headquarters, field representatives, and subcontractors doing the work. Standard checklists and automated milestones are set for the project, then modified as needed for specific elements of work. Inspection checklists are automatically generated with inspection results submitted by field representatives. Corrective action requests are generated based on inspection results and delivered to subcontractors who were responsible for onsite work.

Back Story

This project presented an interesting challenge of working offline and then automatically synchronizing with online data without any errors in the flow of information.

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