Date: 2006


iHigh.com had established its brand and publishing platform at the height of the dot com bubble. After spending several years focusing on event marketing, the company needed to reinvigorate the online platform. I was asked to lead a spinoff company to relaunch iHigh.com as a web portal for high schools sports teams to publish content and fans to follow.


The original publishing platform built in 1999 was still in use and showing its age. The entire website was rigidly constructed, difficult to browse, and limiting to publishers. Everything needed to be rebuilt using new web technologies on a tight timeline and allowing for future expansion into more user generated content, automatic content indexing, and more multimedia content.


We built a flexible, scalable, publishing platform with athlete profiles and the ability to post lots of pictures and videos. We worked alongside the marketing division and created interactive experiences for a variety of sports and music events. Sponsors benefited from branded contests with user generated multimedia content being submitted and voted on.

Back Story:

I had the opportunity to work very closely with Jim Host, a sports marketing legend who taught me a lot about relentless commitment to big goals and how to pitch a grand vision.

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