eHome America

Date: 2007 – 2008


eHome America is an elearning web platform that allows organizations to sell access to multimedia courses that can be configured to match their local needs. Students taking the course are required to take tests and receive a personalized completion certificate.


A statewide non-profit needed to deliver homebuyer education to people in rural areas of the state in a cost effective way. Previous efforts relied on mailing course books back and forth, and holding in-person classroom training sessions on the weekend.


I created a web platform that would solve the non-profit’s local problem, and allow them to create a profitable national business selling subscriptions to use the platform for homebuyer and foreclosure education. The platform as replaced classroom training at hundreds of non-profits and provided interactive learning to tens of thousands of students, each of which pays a fee to take the course. Embedded tracking of course progress, varying fee structures, customized content, intake reporting, and communication tools allow the non-profit counselor to service more people at a lower cost.

Back Story:

Originally the non-profit received a grant to service rural areas of their own state. The platform worked so well that they have become the national provider of homebuyer education for the majority of non-profits and opened up new lines of business.

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