eHome Agency

Date: 2010 – 2013


eHome Agency is built on the Ucloser platform, and provides non-profit agencies with a flexible work flow platform to manage the counseling and business lending processes. The platform allows clients to self-intake, saving hours of data entry for every client, allowing non-profits to service more clients without burdening staff with data entry.


The systems available for non-profits to track counseling or business lending are difficult to use and do not provide any interaction with the client. This non-profit wanted to develop a platform to allow them to change the way they provided homebuyer and foreclosure counseling, and managed the small business lending processes. There are other systems provided by national government agencies, but they don’t help the counselor work more efficiently or provide any value to the client, they are merely a reporting interface.


Using a white label version of the Ucloser platform, we created a flexible solution that connects the client, counselor, and other administrative staff to process thousands of foreclosure, homebuyer, and business lending clients. The platform is divided into modules that can be connected to service different types of clients. Management reporting connects to government agencies and provide the organization with real time insight into production. Subscriptions are sold to other non-profits nationwide to revolutionize the way these agencies service their clients while reducing overhead.

Back Story:

The non-profit sector is very entrepreneurial, and this platform is empowering the client to expand beyond the initial scope of the project into other service units, providing those tools to other non-profits around the nation.

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