Career History

Professional Experience & Selected Major Accomplishments

RCM Brain

Louisville, KY     2017–Present

RCM Brain is a software company that enables healthcare revenue cycle management companies and departments to work smarter and faster. We use a combination of machine learning, robotic process automation, and workflow communications to stop revenue leakage and increase staff productivity.

ZirMed (now WayStar)

Product Manager

Louisville, KY     2013–2017

As an entrepreneurial employee, I was assigned to develop a brand new SaaS product for ZirMed’s core Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) division. I defined, built, and launched the ‘Denial and Appeal Management’ solution, with great success.


  • Customer Discovery: Worked with 9 development partner clients to intimately understand their challenges and opportunities.
  • Product Market Fit: Established the appropriate combination of features and functionality to successfully capture our addressable market.
  • Product Roadmap: Defined a feature development plan to support engineering, sales, and marketing.
  • Agile Scrum Product Management: Created all User Stories, Features, and Epics to drive iterative product releases based on our roadmap and client feedback.
  • Pricing: Performed market analysis, secret shopping, and customer interviews to determine competitive pricing strategy.
  • Revenue Forecasting: Worked with finance department to establish sales projections, cost of goods sold, and growth estimates to predict top line revenue over 3 years.
  • Go-to-Market Strategy: Identified target market segments and worked with sales enablement to craft effective sales stories.
  • Implementation Planning: Worked with internal operations teams to create implementation guides, support training, and created a new product support position.
  • Product Launch: Coordinated marketing and sales efforts around publicized product release.
  • Product Marketing Support: Hosted webinars, built ROI Calculators, and wrote marketing copy to drive leads.
  • Enterprise Sales Support: Accompanied sales executives to present new solution in advance of product launch.


Founder / Product Manager

Louisville, KY     2008–2013

Successful real estate communications technology company; provides highly effective transaction management tools for all parties involved in property transactions. Available both on-line and via mobile applications.


  • Recognized need for managing multiple parties and streamlining communication efforts inside historically inefficient real estate transactions. Platform also needed to allow for mobile access as well as easy company integration.


  • Researched, architected, and launched innovative real estate transaction management platform for all parties and phases.
  • Since initial implementation and resulting expansion, 10K+ real estate transactions and 80K documents have been managed; time spent on each transaction significantly decreased; transparency for parties has dramatically increased.
  • Raised significant investment capital ($675K) from 20 angel investors over 18 months.
  • Created online marketing platforms and SEO strategy to generate sales inquiries and direct product signups via website and landing pages. Ranked on top result pages for significant competitive phrases.
  • Also utilized online sales (via web meetings/demonstrations) and group presentations to convert potential buyers into customers. Over 50% of real estate agents immediately signed up for the service at end of presentation.

Community Ventures Corporation

Louisville, KY   2010–2012

Director of Product Innovation

Adapted version of Ucloser for managing home-buyer/foreclosure clients in a non-profit environment; provides agencies with flexible work-flow platform to manage counseling and business lending processes.

Significantly eased processing for thousands of foreclosure, homebuyer, and business lending clients.

Subscriptions also sold to other non-profits; revolutionized client service while also reducing overhead.

Whiteboard Enterprises, Inc.

Lead Business Consultant

Louisville, KY   2007–2009

Independent web technology and business consulting firm; engaged by management teams to analyze and improve business strategies as well as create targeted web applications. Also managed international software development teams.


  • Kentucky-based non-profit received grant to provide online education to rural Kentuckians; needed web platform that would solve organization’s local challenges.
  • Also looking to create profitable national business selling subscriptions for homebuyer/foreclosure education.


  • Conceived of and built online learning platform originally used for a statewide non-profit; once launched, significantly expanded platform use to 300 non-profits in nearly every state.
  • Generated $1M in revenue and served 50K students nationwide.
  • Resulting product, eHome America, become nationally recognized leader in online homebuyer education. Platform then expanded for additional non-profit use (see Community Ventures Corporation)., Inc.

Chief Executive Officer

Lexington, KY  2006–2007 is a community website providing schools, colleges, and youth-related organizations with free web tools and video streaming capabilities that connect sports and activities to the premier Global Youth Network.


  • Major high school sports publishing website needed to be fully overhauled and re-launched to support multimedia content and more users. Served as site CEO; fully managed development and implementation of new web platform.
  • Worked with investors and Board members to develop both new business strategies and long-term objectives.


  • Architected flexible and scalable publishing platform with broad multimedia and interactive capabilities for consumers; collaborated extensively with marketing division throughout process.
  • Oversaw transition of 800 high school sites to new platform.
    Company recently valuated at $60M by major media outlet looking to invest.
  • Additional Experience & Selected Accomplishments

3rd Dimension Design, LLC

Chief Executive Officer

Lexington, KY  2003–2006

Built truck driver training management system for large company needing improved oversight and cost-control methods of recruiting, processing, and training new drivers at their various locations.

Resulting multi-party workflow system connected multiple internal departments nationwide and saved company millions of dollars via elimination of extra training hours, lodging costs, travel/training school expenses.

Created comprehensive quality control system for large construction company; architected unique application that worked both online/offline as well as allowed for automatic synching and creation of correction action reports.

Saved management/field reps thousands of hours of work and $100K annually in labor, billing, and related expenses.

Developed platform to create small business websites quickly and cost-effectively; resulting content management system implemented on 50+ websites and actively managed by small business owners.

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